Vancouver engagement photographer // you can bring me flowers

I was excited when I received an email from Sara, because she does what I always wanted to do when I grew up: she's a florist.  It was very exciting to meet a real live florist.

It was also very exciting that her engagement session would involve flowers, flowers and flowers!  And old books.  And their love story of Canadian boy meets Australian girl and falls in love.  (A tale as old as time, and one that gets awesomer each time I hear it.)

Sara & Ryan knew the perfect location for their engagement session: an archway of trees at Stanley Park that they'd often walked through.  The morning was overcast and their outfits were amazing (seriously - I want her closet!) , and they brought along an afghan blanket made by Ryan's grandmother (how awesome is that?!) and the world was beautiful and so were they.

Congratulations again, Sara & Ryan!