langley engagement photographer // rainy day engagement session

Taylor is my cousin, and Esther is a beautiful girl with awesome hair.  He's known her all his life, but one day it suddenly hit him that he liked her.  So he asked her out.  And she said yes.  And they became boyfriend and girlfriend.  It was even facebook official!

However, there was a catch: this happened about two weeks before he was leaving on a year-long mission trip to Mongolia.  (MONGOLIA?  Yes, Mongolia.) Great timing, right?  It makes me laugh, because it seems so wait until the last minute to ask out the love of his life!

Anyways.  They survived long distance and he survived the extreme cold and grew a moustache, perhaps as a way to cope with the weather - let's not talk about that - and they were reunited at long last, and then, within a few months, they were married!

Before the wedding, though, I got to take their engagement pictures.  It was a day full of rain, with a predicted thunderstorm, but they were still up for it!  So we wandered to a field in the middle-of-nowhere-Langley and then raced to White Rock to catch the fiery-red sunset.  And I had lots of fun, and I think they're the most adorable couple, and I'm so glad I got to photograph them, and I know God is going to bless them in their new and exciting life together!