vancouver portrait photographer / clean like laundry and springtime

Spring reminds me of clean laundry, breakfast, citrus fruits & flowers.  (In no particular order.)  These are all very clean, good-smelling, necessary, and beautiful things, just as Spring is clean and good-smelling and necessary and, of course, beautiful.

And Ellie reminds me of Spring!  She is such a sweet girl & she put up well with my crazyness.  I'm not entirely sure what her initial impression was of me, but considering that the first thing we did after meeting was to drag pieces of furniture and bags full of props into the middle of the forest, she can't have considered me especially sane.  

Add to that the fact that I had brought along a ziploc bag with pre-sliced lemons, a car full of magnolia blossoms, a pair of mismatched socks to hang on a clothesline, and had numerous flower petals in my hair with a manic expression on my face (I call it "inspiration"), and you will have the complete picture.  

Ellie was very sweet about all this, however.  She watched me run back and forth as I set up my little forest scene, pulling moss from the forest floor to nestle it with flowers, half-finishing every sentence to interrupt it with another, forgetting where I had put everything, and beginning long pauses with the word, "So...." - and she didn't say a word, but began to help.  

She even laughed at my jokes & created some pretty awesome ones of her own!  (The fake laugh was her particular specialty.  You should hear it sometime - it's truly remarkable.)   

And so our Springtime session came to be, and so Ellie held lemon slices to her eye, skipped down forest trails, pinned flowers on a clothesline, braided her hair, and navigated the treacherous expanses of the Stanley Park shrubbery.  All of this while wearing a dress, ladies and gentlemen.  

I present to you: Ellie...

& Spring!