stanley park portrait photographer / paper airplane dreams

Rachel has modeled for me on many occasions in the past.  Most of the time, she had very few good things to say about her appearance in my photos.  So you will understand that when I tell you that this time - THIS time - she had no complaints, I felt, in some small way, that I had arrived.

I spent an afternoon tearing out pages of an old Narnia book (I had two copies - don't worry) and folding them into paper airplanes.  (I did have to google "how to make paper airplanes", I will admit.  And yes, the fact that I couldn't remember how to do this made me feel a little old.)   I then attached red yarn directly in the center of each plane and we set out to the forest, where we tied them onto trees.  

I wanted to create a make-believe world where travel simply involved will-power; where merely wishing you were in Paris could take you to Paris; and where paper airplanes could actually fly.

These are paper airplane dreams.