surrey engagement photographer / love, wine & crayons

Mira & Jason met me at Holland Park in Surrey, wearing beautiful clothes and big smiles and carrying two wine glasses.  (Good start to an engagement session, right?)

They got engaged one day last summer, after spending the afternoon downtown.  Jason told me he'd been carrying the ring around in his pocket all day, sweating and nervous and silent.  When he'd finally popped the question, he found out he had no reason to fear - she said yes!   

And here they are today.  I had so much fun with them, posing them and laughing and making them kiss (as a photographer, I have the power to make people kiss!) and sip wine (they love wine, so they brought along a bottle), and colour (yes - you read that right!  Mira & Jason drew their own Save-the-Date sign with wooden pencil crayons!).  

All in all - an evening well spent :)