vancouver couple's photographer / meadow-twirl & wave-splash

From the first email Christina sent me, I knew that she and Chad were going to be a fun couple to photograph.  I love couples like them, that are unafraid of crazyness (like scaring away Canada geese by twirling in a field filled with goose droppings) or getting their clothes dirty (like walking into the shivering ocean in bare feet).  

For all the days leading up to this session, the forecast had been uncertain and moody, and the day was moody too - but suddenly, near the time when our session was to begin, the sun apprehensively stepped out from behind a cloud.  The sky looked stormy still, full of blue-purple clouds, but there were patches of sunlight, and we took advantage of that.

Christina and Chad told me that a large part of their relationship was based on a mutual love of food (which is something my husband & I resonate with), so they brought along some bubble tea and strawberries, and they got dizzy from twirling, and they laughed, and Chad poked Christina's adorable little nose, and they sat on logs and kissed.  It was beautiful.  And fun.

Here is their meadowy, oceany, sun-dappled session!