{vancouver photographer} euphoria

I can't quite help it, the euphoria that springtime brings.  It sprinkles my street with magnolia petals, stacks my bookshelf with poetry, and fills the vases up with flowers, until there are no vases left and instead I use leftover baby food jars.  

And here is one of my favourite poems, and here are some pretty pictures that I took this morning.  (Don't worry, darling - I didn't leave the flowers perched precariously on top of your guitar.)

   "It is not the tilted buildings or the blind alleys 

that I mind,

nor the winding staircases leading nowhere

or the ones that are simply missing.

Nor is walking through a foreign city

with a ring of a thousand keys

looking for the one door the worst of it,

nor the blank maps I am offered by strangers.

I can even tolerate your constant running

away from me, slipping around corners,

rising in the cage of an elevator,

squinting out the rear window of a taxi,

and always on the arm of a tall man

in a beautiful suit

and a perfectly furled hat

whom I know is carrying a gun.

What kills me is the way you lie there

in the morning, eyes closed,

curled into a sweet ball of sleep

and that innocent look on your face

when you tell me over coffee and oranges

that really you were right there all night

next to me in bed

and then expect me to believe you

were lost in your own dreamworld,

some ridiculous alibi

involving swimming through clouds

to the pealing of bells,

a transparent white lie about leaping

from a high window ledge

then burying your face

in the plumage of an angel."

-Billy Collins, "Jealousy" (Sailing Alone Around the Room)