& this was 2017 {vancouver lifestyle photographer}

My 2017 was filled with photographing beautiful people & beautiful newborns. And then at the end of the year came a beautiful newborn of our own, and oh how we love him. Matthias calls baby Jamie "our precious little baby" and tells him "you don't need to be worried, because I protect you." (He also jumps on top of him, pinches him, and screams in his ear, but I'm trying to remember the good stuff.)

And this has basically been our life ever since:

Vancouver family photographer

I didn't know how heart-swelling it would be to see your oldest baby loving your youngest baby, and to see the adoration in the littlest one's eyes as he stares at his big brother. It's just the best thing. I've had so much fun taking the last few months off and having the opportunity to photograph our family a little bit more.

But I didn't want to leave 2017 completely behind, without sharing some of my favourite images from the year. I felt tired and pregnant for so much of it, but looking back at these images made me smile and remember all the loveliness I photographed. And here is some of it.

vancouver in-home newborn session {vancouver lifestyle photographer}

Little Manu was born just a week and a half before our Jamie. She is so beautiful & so is the love that surrounds her & spending a Saturday morning with these three in their cozy Vancouver home was just the very happiest. 

{vancouver lifestyle newborn photographer} twins are twice as nice

Vanessa & Aaron probably have two of the cutest babies in the world. Let's just start off by saying that.

They weighed around 5 pounds each when I met them. That's the approximate weight of a honeydew, just to put it in context (yes I googled that), and I was a little bit in awe of their perfectly miniature hands and feet. I'm also a little bit in awe of Vanessa & Aaron, because I have no idea how they manage with two newborns, when I barely made it through with one. 

But what incredible parents they are, and what a beautiful little family they have.