Vancouver at home engagement session

{vancouver couple's photographer} - cheesy cheesy love

I loved photographing these two.  Henrique is my husband Jorge's coworker at Giant Ant, where they create really cool moving things on screens.  (That's the simple definition, where I describe what they do and forget to describe almost everything that they actually do.  Ask Jorge if you want to get more technical.)  Fernanda also works in animation (talk about a creative couple!) and paints adorable illustrations as well.  For Fernanda's birthday, Henrique asked me to photograph a morning in their lives - and we happened to choose a sunny Saturday!

Henrique & Fernanda are Brazilian, and Brazilians have invented the most delicious food: Pão de Queijo.  That means cheese bread, but the name is such an understatement.  It's delicious and chewy and very very cheesy and I find myself craving it at the most inconvenient times.  (It's also gluten free - using tapioca flour - which is cool.)  So when I was in Brazil recently, I bought some tapioca flour and managed to get it home without any customs officials getting suspicious (it looked like white powder in an unlabelled plastic bag, so that was a relief) and made pão de queijo myself.  AMAZING.

Anyways, that was just to let you know the identity of those little round biscuits they are eating in many of the photos, and partly just because I wanted to talk about cheesy bread because I'm craving it yet again.  Also, Henrique & Fernanda's apartment is so awesome and unique and so very "them" - filled with art and light and delicious food and quirkyness.  I had so much fun this day - thank you again, Henrique and Fernanda, for letting me document a tiny moment of your lives :)