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& this was 2016 - vancouver lifestyle photographer

It's a bit overwhelming to go through all my images from the past year.  This is especially true when I'm limited to the rare moments my toddler is reading by himself (and yelling from his bedroom every two minutes, "I reading!"), which are quickly interrupted by his urgent potty breaks/questions about animals/requests for food. Being a mom is, of course, my most important job - and that's why my year-end photo review is coming a month into the new year.

[He just ran into my room and is testing gravity by letting his storybook fall on my keyboard. Over and over again. This is what happens: ui.iy|{!?>EWADFGK&$( This also explains why I have to mend the bindings of his books so frequently.]

2016 had some very exciting moments. I got to meet and be inspired by fellow photographers throughout the year.  I had an article published in Click Magazine and several articles on different wonderful blogs. I started to focus on commercial children's work (which I LOVE). I also decided to cut back a little on work, since my little family comes first, and that was also inspiring because it gave me the chance to focus on clients that really understood and loved what I did, the real moments, the real things. And that was wonderful. I'm so grateful for all the people who chose me to capture the love and light in their lives in 2016.

& here it is!

{vancouver lifestyle family photographer} - marshmallow morning

The first time I met this family, this sweet little girl was just on her way, and her sister hadn't yet figured out what being an older sister was all about.  It's been fun to see them both through my camera lens, growing up and changing and (quite possibly) becoming even more adorable.  The one constant in all of our sessions over the past couple of years has been their favourite stuffed bunnies - they always make an appearance, looking even more "loved" than the time before :)

We decided to do a lifestyle session at their home, which is lots of fun - especially when the home is full of windows and streaming natural light.  So this is their Saturday morning, filled with love and everyday life and big blue eyes and marshmallow bribes, and I love it.