Vancouver wedding photographer

{vancouver wedding photographer} - Mt. Lehman Farm Wedding

Although I'm not a wedding photographer, I made an exception for Nikki & Brian & their sweet little Hudson.  Don't they make an adorable little family?  

Here are some little pieces of their Saturday farm wedding!  

{vancouver love story photographer} - ger & amanda in brazil

 I just returned last night from Brazil, where I photographed my dear brother's wedding.  I'm so thankful God brought together Ger & Amanda, and their wedding was so beautiful.  Here's a tiny little sneak peek that I put together as I quickly went through the photos :)

P.S. You can see their engagement photos here.

jericho beach love story / Lorel & Sean's Wedding

I don't often photograph weddings, but this one was special.  

Lorelei and I met a few years ago; we were both working at Earls.  I was living with my sister in an attic and missing my boyfriend who was working in Los Angeles.  She was studying acting, she lived just a few blocks away from us & we became friends over slices of pizza.  Throughout the course of our friendship, we have eaten lots of 5-cent sour candies and avocado tempura and Denny's Tsing Tsing Chicken (which they don't make anymore - WHAAAAT?!) & God has given us many crazy adventures together.  

A few years later, I got married and started my photography business; Lorel graduated and became a full-time nanny before going back to school for nursing.  And somewhere in there, she realized that a tall guy who had been her best friend in school (and who, incidentally, loves 5-cent candies almost as much as she does) was the love of her life.  This is the story of the day they got married.

Because they were planning a wedding in Mexico, this was their legal ceremony.  I was pregnant and due just before their Mexico wedding date, so I knew I wouldn't be able to make it for the real ceremony, but this gathering of their Vancouver loved ones was perfect for them: impromptu, delightful, and filled with laughter and hugs and red converse shoes.

It was a little miracle that I was able to photograph this day, because the very next morning, I was at the hospital, giving birth to our son!