vancouver photographer // and this was 2013

So before you start - this post is packed with photos.  I don't even know how many photos it has, that's how many  there are.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

It made me smile to look back over all my 2013 sessions - so many amazing people I met and laughed with - families & couples & babies & moms & dads & stories, and each were beautiful in their own way.  I feel so blessed to have met them and been chosen to document their stories.  

I was recently doing a maternity session for a couple I've photographed before, and as I asked her to pose in some strange and uncomfortable position, I said, "I'm sorry - I bet you didn't come here expecting to have some crazy photographer tell you to do this!"   She looked at her husband and laughed and said, "Actually, it was the same last time..."

:) So thank you to everyone who let me photograph you & who put up with all of my crazy ideas.  Here's looking at 2014!