Vancouver family photography

{vancouver family photographer} a toddler & a little house

Until a few months ago, we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment next to the beach in Kits, and we loved it so so much. We decided we wouldn't leave until we found a place we could love just as much. So when I saw the rental ad on craigslist for a tiny white and red house with a backyard and windows everywhere, my heart jumped just a little bit, and we spent weeks dreaming about it before we finally signed the lease. This little house is everything we were looking and praying for, and yes - we love it so so much.

I decided to document our new place from Matthias' perspective.

scintillating sunwashed spanish banks family session

All the S's in that title remind me of a book we were given, called Alpahebetics: An Aesthetically Awesome Alliterated Alphabet Anthology (by Patrick & Traci Concepción). 

My favourite page from the book is Q, which goes like this: "Quinn the quail queen quietly queued for the quintessential quinoa quiche."

Amazing, right? All of this, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with this session, but I believe it was a very worthwhile sidenote.

Steve spent a few months last summer pastoring at our church, and I had the opportunity to photograph this (ADORABLE) family together one sunny August evening. Linsey is a talented writer, their little son is probably the most active child I have ever met, and his little sister is such a sweetheart. We miss you guys!

{vancouver family photography} hello, autumn

I don't usually post personal photos here. But we went for a walk this afternoon, and suddenly autumn is here. Golden light and leaves and wind; the rich scent of blackberries.  It gave me so much joy to see Matthias enjoying it too :)

Also, his sweater is from Joe Fresh, and I'm in love with it.

{tower beach family photographer} - sunflares & pebbles

I love this family session.

A November day dripping with magical, translucent winter light & filling my heart overflowing with happiness.  A day in which the sunflares found my camera & we lost our breath with the colours of the sunset.

This family is beautiful together; we picked berries & leaves, ran down forest pathways, gathered smooth handfuls of pebbles and watched pink-stained skies drift into yesterday.